Tax Credit Financing

Federal, state, and local tax incentives can be a vital part of financing your next project.

  • Energy: Federal and state tax incentives for installing and operating certain energy generation projects.
  • Historical Rehabilitation & Preservation: Up to 20% in federal tax credits for rehabilitation of historic structures, supplemented by state and local incentives. Other preservation-related benefits include tax deductions for conservation easements and maintenance of historic building exteriors.
  • New Markets: A 39% tax credit for investments in low-income community businesses.
  • State & Local Investment Credits: State and local governments offer a variety of tax incentives for investment in particular locations and industries.
  • Passive Activity & At-Risk Limitations: We help developers and investors navigate the passive activity and at-risk rules to make the incentives work for individuals and pass-through entities.
  • Tax Equity Financing: We help developers and investors structure and document “tax equity” investments.