Tax-Exempt Organizations

For nonprofit institutions, the tax laws are not just a cost of doing business.  Tax-exemption is essential to their existence and mission.

  • Institutional Client Base: We have experience with the particular tax problems faced by health care, educational, religious, philanthropic, trade association, fraternal, veterans, and political organizations.
  • Investment Activities: We often counsel organizations in their investment activities to manage and avoid reporting and UBIT quandries.
  • Executive Compensation: Executive pay is the top compliance priority monitored by the IRS, Attorneys General, media, and labor groups.
  • Reporting and Disclosure: Nonprofits face a new age of transparency, with ever increasing information disclosure demands at the federal and state levels.
  • Business Activity: Revenue pressure is pushing tax-exempt organizations to expand income-producing activities, with attendant exemption, UBIT, and reporting concerns.